The kitchen is the best source of savory gems. It is where relishing meals are produced and prepared, making it one of the most wanted parts when establishing a building. But it can also be the most destructive area if left unmaintained. Most precisely, grease traps can be the wick of danger in many aspects.


The permeating ability of stinky grease traps can cause other food contamination. As this item under the sink is the location of food residues and oily fats build-up, it is the perfect feast for microbes that leave pungent chemicals in the air. As bacteria grow, they can affect other foods being served, and the quality of the atmosphere can become quite unpleasant. It poses threats to human health which can cause various physiological impacts.


Some variations of grease, as a by-product of cooking, are combustible. It can fuel a fire that has been started and is difficult to extinguish. As stoves initiate this danger, grease traps can become its accomplice in producing hard-to-beat flames. Imagine the burning power it can create despite the availability of dousing materials.


Clogging or blockage of grease trap structure, the devastating effect of fire, and the medical bills due to contamination can rattle your financial stability. These undesirable effects can be more costly than regular cleaning. Your budget can be significantly affected; that’s why it is better to maintain grease trap cleanliness… with the help of experts.


Cleaning the grease trap is a tricky task. It will require you to use suitable cleaning solutions and appropriate handling to avoid another cause of danger. Clean Zone PH offers full-service Grease Trap Cleaning, including degreasing and waste removal. We professionally cater to residential and commercial clients for over six years, making us an in-demand cleaning firm.