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a. 90-Day Smart Antiviral MAP-1 PRO Disinfection

MAP 1- PRO is a spray that coats and evaporates on surfaces, but it is much more advanced than bleach or alcohol. The spray carries millions of polymer nanocapsules that adhere to surfaces and remain there after the carrier liquid has dried. These non-toxic capsules contain a disinfectant that remains in suspension until touched. The heat from a hand or moisture activates the capsules, releasing disinfectant onto the surface. It is not only effective on coronavirus, but also other viruses like measles and rubella and potentially dangerous bacteria.

The coating is proven to be non-toxic and is safe for skin and the environment, hence it also allows MAP 1-PRO to be made into hand sanitizers, paints, and coating, filter materials for air and water purification, as well as clothing and surgical masks to safeguard the health of the individual and public.

b. Virus Bacteria Free Zone (Disinfection Service)


• Misting of surfaces and spaced evenly from up to down and from left to right and open windows for ventilation after 60mins.

• Disinfecting hard surfaces using solution proven to kill viruses by spraying and then wiping or mopping, paying special attention to key spots such as doorknobs, sinks, countertops, faucet handles, and toilet, computer keyboard, mouse, etc.

• Use of appropriate air disinfection equipment for fogging to ensure clean and fresh air in every corner of your space

• Removal of odors right from the source by eliminating bacteria fast, attacking and breaking down its composition before it can multiply

• Use of machine to air conditioning system to circulate the mist in natural airflow

c. Commercial Deep Cleaning

We will professionally handle cleaning your windows, doors, glass dividers, and panels to make sure they are free from dust and dirt. Using our high-caliber equipment, you can trust us in making your workstations, meeting rooms, receiving areas, lockers, restrooms, and pantry completely clean. Our first-rate vacuums and are ready to remove stains and accumulated filth and grime on your office floor and carpets.

d. Floor Care Service

Although the appearance of your floor is essential, the topic of safety takes precedence. Floors that have been worn down, pose a severe hazard to anyone that enters your facility. Cracked surfaces and slippery floors are some of the most significant contributors to injuries in the workplace. Basic sweeping won’t do much to prevent slips, depending on the surface. Sweeping does nothing in terms of creating a slip-resistant surface. Entrusting a quality floor care maintenance team is crucial if you want to reduce safety risks.

e. Sofa & Mattress Cleaning

Never put aside your maintenance cleaning for your mattress. Like other upholstered furniture, mattresses are given to the accumulation of dust and stains, body perspiration, dead skin cells, and dust mites. These pollutants can affect the air quality of your bedroom and have adverse effects on your health. We recommend that you have your bedroom mattresses steamed cleaned at least 4 times a year to protect your health and improve your sleep.

f. Carpet Cleaning

g. Post Construction/Renovation Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning is essential during the construction project. The dust produces during the construction time and it sticks on the materials like windows and cabinets. Some leftover materials may include wires, glass, and nails, which may be unsafe for you.

3 Step Cleaning Procedure

Step 1 Rough Clean

This is the initial phase of the post-cleaning service, where the cleaners remove and clean all the dust and debris.

Step 2

Among the 3 phases of post-construction cleaning, this one needs more work. In this phase, a lot of equipment and tools are used.

Step 3

This is the final and most important phase of post-construction cleaning.

Disclaimer – Dusts are still circulating the space and will settle when no one is already using the area. It is expected for dusts to be seen the day after the cleaning. Clean Zone PH is using a technique to eliminate most of these dusts.

h. Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease trap cleaning is scrubbing and deep washing grease trap under your sink. Wondering why bad odor stays on your sink even if you regularly clean them? The foul smell might come from accumulated grime on your grease trap. Ensure to have it professionally cleaned and treated to keep your kitchen free from disgusting smell and harmful bacteria.

i. Residential Deep Cleaning

We will professionally handle cleaning your windows, doors, glass dividers, and countertops to make sure they are free from dust and dirt. Using our high-caliber equipment, you can trust us in making your main room, lavatory, receiving area, bedroom, and kitchen completely clean. Our first-rate vacuums are ready to remove stains and accumulated filth and grime on your floor and carpets.

j. Freestyle Cleaning

Freestyle cleaning gives you the option to instruct on what to prioritize within the cleaning schedule, or you can let your trained cleaning officers do the cleaning on their own.

k. Pest Free Zone

Fleas, cockroaches, mosquitos, termites, bed bugs, and rats are the most common pests.

Pests are a typical cause of the problem in businesses or households as they destroy properties. Not only that, but there’s a possibility that they can affect health; they can cause health problems, such as asthma, allergic reactions, respiratory disease, and mental health anguish.

#CleanZonePH is offering PEST MANAGEMENT SOLUTION! We strive to elevate your experience by providing convenience as you will deal with us to cater to all your needs. We promise to ensure and follow quality standard procedures.

l. HVAC Service and Maintenance

HVAC maintenance should be done by a professional twice per year.

Clean Zone PH is here to elevate your SERVICE experience. If you are experiencing any of these issues with your heating and cooling system:

– Your unit is not maintaining the temperature your thermostat is set at.

– You hear strange noises when the system turns on or while running.

– Utility bills are significantly higher than what you are used to paying during similar times of the year.

– Airflow is poor or doesn’t blow cold.

– You notice strange smells or musty odors.

HVAC and aircon MAINTENANCE should be done twice per year to operate effectively and efficiently. This reduces energy costs too. Routine HVAC maintenance includes:

– Thorough cleaning of coils, drains, and elements.

– Inspecting connections, motor operations, and thermostat functionality.

– Monitoring refrigerant pressure.

– Testing safety controls.

– Lubricating moving parts.

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