Post-construction cleaning is essential during the construction project. The dust produces during the construction time and it sticks on the materials like windows and cabinets. Some leftover materials may include wires, glass, and nails, which may be unsafe for you.

3 Step Cleaning Procedure

Step 1 Rough Clean

This is the initial phase of the post-cleaning service, where the cleaners remove and clean all the dust and debris.

Step 2

Among the 3 phases of post-construction cleaning, this one needs more work. In this phase, a lot of equipment and tools are used.

Step 3

This is the final and most important phase of post-construction cleaning.

Disclaimer – Dusts are still circulating the space and will settle when no one is already using the area. It is expected for dusts to be seen the day after the cleaning. Clean Zone PH is using a technique to eliminate most of these dusts.