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    Clean Zone PH (CZPH) prides itself with quality service you can trust! Please note the following terms and conditions for your memorable and hassle-free experience:


    All service bookings must go through Clean Zone PH’s Customer Service. A confirmed booking comes with the following:

    • Email booking confirmation with terms and conditions;
    • Pre-service notification: staff’s name with service reminders;
    • And post-service notice.

    Please consider your booking secured and bounded by terms and conditions if all the above notices are complete.


    Per square meter cleaning duration could take maximum of FIVE (5) hours. Overtime rate per officer and per hour will be charged beyond 5 hours. Per hour cleaning time could vary based on your cleaning requirements.

    Hourly cleaning is a freestyle cleaning. You could instruct your officer to prioritize a portion of your property. Service extension is a possibility; you need to request it from our Customer Service Officer. Extension approval is based on our cleaning commitment for the day.

    You also have the option to add another cleaning officer. Service rates are true per cleaning officer.


    Clean Zone PH highly encourages you, our valued clients, to keep your valuables, jewelry, money, and other valuable items can be kept safe and untouched when kept private. Our staff will NOT BE LIABLE FOR THEFT OR LOSS.


    As our valued client, you must inspect your CZPH officer’s bags and pockets before they leave.


    We will get to you with minimum or full PPE (service base) in observance of safety protocols. We are strictly following the government mandate to protect you from transmission.


    Cancellations and service changes can be made up to four (4) hours before your booked cleaning schedule. These are free of charge. Please advise if you will be late for your appointment. Last-minute cancellation/ change is considered a confirmed booking requiring service and other fees.


    Clean Zone PH will not be held responsible for delays caused by severe traffic (due to accidents and weather-related traffic jams) or customers failing to provide access to the service premises. Last-minute delays will also occur due to miscommunication between tenants and unit owners.


    Clean Zone PH reserves the right to cancel any services because of bad weather, strikes, sickness of the CZPH officers, and other emergency incidents without any liability to the customer. We may likewise cancel in case of any unethical or undesirable treatment of the customer towards its officer/technician.


    Clean Zone PH covers the cleaning of the following:

    Cleaning of Residential Units

    The dusting of shelves, sanitizing counters, cleaning of sink, polishing of faucets, cleaning of backsplash, cleaning and sanitizing of a stove, washing dishes, tidying the bed, dry vacuuming of carpet, cleaning of interior glass windows, vacuuming of the couch, sweep/mop/polishing of floor, wiping tables and furniture, wiping of ornaments, dusting of frames, sanitizing of toilet bowl, polishing of faucets and showers, cleaning of bathroom tiles, cleaning of the bathroom floor, and cleaning of mirrors.

    Service Exclusions for Freestyle / hourly cleaning

    Errands, child/elderly/pet caretaking, laundry, cooking, chandelier, and cleaning of exterior parts of the house that would endanger the life of cleaning officers.

    Service Exclusions for Deep Cleaning

    Cleaning inside the cabinets and drawers. Per square meter cleaning does not include: cleaning the inside of the refrigerator or folding of clothes, and cleaning of extremely high ceilings.
    Errands, child/elderly/pet caretaking, laundry, cooking, chandeliers, and cleaning of exterior parts of the house are also excluded from the service.

    Office / Shops

    Dusting and Surface Cleaning of bookshelves, desks, and other furniture, wiping down surfaces, windows, phones, keyboards, CPU, computer monitors, Floor Cleaning (sweeping and vacuuming), clean and sanitizing toilets, and empty trash bins.


    Mop floors, disinfect waste disposal, delime sinks and faucets, wash walls and ceiling to remove grease build-up, clean and sanitize bathrooms, exterior part of air ducts, disinfect toilets, sanitize tables, clean seats and benches, Vacuum carpets, disinfect door handles, wash glass windows and doors,  dust and wipe downlight fixtures, dust any stationary objects and wall art used for decoration.

    Other Services

    Pest Management Solution, Grease Trap Cleaning, Floor Care Service and HVAC Service & Maintenance.

    Service Exclusions

    Here are the following exclusions from our cleaning services: Errands, child/elderly/pet caretaking, laundry, cooking, and cleaning of exterior parts per square meter; cleaning does not include: cleaning the inside of the refrigerator, folding of clothes, and cleaning of an extremely high ceiling. For move-in/move-out assistance, our service is limited to cleaning your current/new only area.


    We pride ourselves on bringing the World’s 1st Smart Anti-microbial Coating technology to the county, Germanic Map-1 Pro. This 1-time application has an efficacy of 90 days. We also offer PEZA protocols’ 3-Step essential disinfection (Wiping, Misting, and Fogging) service to give options to our clients.


    Customers should understand that carpets often will not have a consistent appearance after cleaning due to wear and tear and frequency of service. Stains are not always visible before dirt is removed, and it may not be possible to remove those stains altogether.

    Cleaning officers will exhaust all efforts to provide a good result, but customers are advised of these limitations common to cleaning operations. Pee odor is not guaranteed to be removed entirely. Clean Zone PH reserves the right NOT to continue with the job if, upon inspection, it is found out that the material is not suitable for cleaning or treatment.


    We commit to eradicating pests in your areas. You deserve high-quality international standard pest management solutions only from us. There is a maintenance list to be given by our technicians to ensure the effectiveness of our procedures. Pest management is an ongoing method. Long term solution is consistent pest management.


    Transportation charges are given to the CZPH officer for fares and are not subject to VAT. Clean Zone Ph charges a transportation fee depending on the location to be cleaned. If the cleaning requires a ladder and other bulky equipment, there would be an additional cost for the transportation. We issue a separate Acknowledgement Receipt for the transportation charge.


    We are promoting cashless payment. Pre-payments should be made via
    bank transfer/deposit. For service quotations more than Php5,000, a down payment* will be required before the service takes place. The balance shall be paid immediately after the service through the officer in charge. For delayed payments, an interest rate of 3% of the remaining balance will be charged per day. A refund can be made within the grace period for a fee of Php100.
    For the official receipt, we will need the following details:

    A. Name; B. Complete Address; C. TIN Number; D. Business Type/Engagement

    Once the service was rendered, fully paid for, and all the necessary information had been provided,
    we will send the official receipt within 24 hours through your registered email address.


    Clean Zone PH requires all our customers to conduct service quality of their unit. A customer or a representative can ask the officer-in-charge to do the final cleaning touches in the area. Failure to inspect and communicate cleanliness concerns before the CZPH officer leaves shall be deemed absolute acceptance and satisfaction of the service.


    The customer accept and understands that poor service, breakage/damage, or theft must be communicated immediately to the CZPH officer and customer service officer. Failure to do so will entitle the customer to no refund or recovery service. The customer’s complaint must be made within 24 hours from the service date.


    Clean Zone PH shall cover the liability of any damage caused by their CZPH officers, if it is found that the damage was due to the fault of the staff. Still, the same shall be limited only to the extent of cleaning charge paid by the customer.


    Clean Zone PH has screened and trained your officers/technicians. They are COVID-19 vaccinated and are background-checked, friendly, and service experts. Clean Zone PH officers are all salaried employees. We are keen on developing our officers to be better at what they do. We’ll send the officer’s details before dispatching them to your address.


    Clean Zone PH reserves the right to reject service or blacklist any customer/s with unethical, unprofessional, or discourteous behavior. All customers are expected to treat officers with respect and courtesy. Clean Zone PH officers know their rights; below is a list for your guidance:

    • Your CZPH officers’ duties are limited to cleaning/ pest treatment of your home/office. Performing errands other than specified on the checklist and agreed additional tasks are prohibited.
    • Officers will refuse work that can endanger their life.
    • Staff will refuse tasks in relation to your valuable belongings.
    • Lifting of heavy things or anything that leads to health hazards is prohibited.


    The customer must ensure the safety of the Clean Zone PH officer/technician/s while in the client’s property. Any injury sustained by the staff due to pet bites, dangerous weapons/items, live exposed wires, and other similar things or incidents due to the fault or negligence of the customer shall be for the customer’s account. We also request our clients to observe proper health protocols while our team is on-site.


    Clean Zone PH is a company that values teamwork. We believe and practice Hebrews 13:16 “Don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God.”


    One of Clean Zone PH’s Core Values is Integrity. This ensures secured professional work quality and our employees’ job security. For your protection and continued memorable experience, please make all your future bookings through our customer service.


    By booking Clean Zone PH, it is understood that the customer had read and fully understood the above terms and conditions and agrees to be bound by the same