Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a required minimum booking time?

  • None. You can book anytime or any day.
    Please note that weekends are mostly busy days for us. Booking ahead of time may help.

How do I book a cleaning schedule?

  • Clean Zone Ph accepts cleaning reservations through our website, office numbers and social media accounts (FB, Insta,)

Do you serve my area?

  • Clean Zone Ph mostly serves Mandaluyong, Pasig, Makati, Quezon, Manila, Pasay City

How many hours are needed to complete my cleaning requirement?

Below are suggested cleaning duration:

  • Deep cleaning
    below 25 sqm – between 2 to 3 hours
    below 75 sqm – between 3 to 5 hours
  • Basic cleaning
    below 25 sqm – 2 hours
    below 75 sqm – 2- 3 hours
  • Important note: Clean Zone Ph’s cleaning service style is freestyle. There are no exact cleaning hours to complete your cleaning requirement as it is dependent on the condition of your place to be cleaned.

What is a deep cleaning?

  • Deep cleaning is a general / meticulous cleaning. This is most ideal if you have not performed thorough cleaning in months.

How many cleaning officers are attending to my request?

  • We follow 1 cleaning officer per unit ratio. Clean Zone Ph’s rates are per officer.

Are cleaning materials included?

  • Yes. Cleaning officers bring cleaning materials, agents and equipment

What are the cleaning materials you bring?

  • We bring all essential cleaning materials, all purpose cleaner, toilet cleaner. dry Vacuum can be added for a minimal fee.

Do I have to be home during cleaning service?

  • No. Clean Zone Ph has procedures in place for you to get our service even without your presence at home /work. Procedure includes keeping or taking your valuables, signing a waiver that our officers are not liable from any loss or assigning a representative to check your cleaning officers’ bags before leaving your place.

How do we know if the officer is from Clean Zone Ph?

  • We notify our customers of the assigned cleaning officer before the cleaning service takes place.
  • Your officers wear their employment ID too.

When do we get the name of the cleaning officer?

  • Clean Zone Ph sends your respective cleaning officer’s name the night before or at least an hour before your cleaning request.

Do you send male or female cleaners?

  • Clean Zone Ph cleaning officers are all strong and experienced women.

What if I need more than one cleaning officer?

  • You can add another cleaning officer. Clean Zone Ph rates are per officer.

What if I have to reschedule?

  • You can reschedule by contacting our customers service. Please advice at least 3 hours before your booking schedule.

Can we book the same cleaning officer?

  • We rotate officers to random cleaning requests.
  • We send the same cleaning officer to our regular customers with fixed cleaning schedule.

Why can’t I get the same cleaner?

  • Clean Zone Ph only sends full time cleaning officers to our individual valued customers. We rotate our officers to efficiently and timely serve you. This staffing strategy enables us to sustain high quality of regulated service.

Do you provide regular cleaning package?

  • Yes, we customize cleaning packages base on your need. Please contact us for assiatance.

Why do I have to pay for transportation charge?

  • Transportation charge is billed for customers who reside far from Clean Zone Ph. This is to cover our officers’ transportation expense. Transportation is not charged to customers residing within the same building as the office of Clean zone Ph, or those of neighboring buildings and street. Transportation varies depending on the distance of the customer to Clean Zone Ph. Cleaning charge, on the other hand, is fixed.

How do I pay?

  • Clean Zone Ph accepts cash and bank transfer payments. Cash will be collected after the service has been rendered. Bank transfer on the other hand needs to be performed before cleaning takes place.

What happens if the housekeeper breaks or damages something in the course of cleaning?

  • Clean Zone Ph once proven, will assume responsibility and accountability to the customer for any property that may be damaged, or destroyed. Our liability is limited to the total amount paid by the customer to Clean Zone Ph.

What if I’m not satisfied with the cleanliness of my unit?

  • You can communicate this to your cleaning officer, they are happy to do final cleaning touches before they leave.

Do we need to provide food for the officers?

  • No. Your officers are ready with packed snacks / meals for longer cleaning duration.

Can I send a cleaner to my family or friend?

  • Yes. You just need to provide details of the person whom we will serve.

What is Clean Zone Ph’s operating time?

  • Clean Zone Ph operates from 9am to 6pm .
  • We cater to business cleaning needs and adjusts to your cleaning preferred time.

What do I do if I lost my cleaning rewards card?

  • Please ask for another card from your customer service officer. Points will reset to zero.

How can I commend Clean Zone Ph or my officer for a job well done?

  • You can commend us through our website via email, social media accounts and mobile contacts via SMS.