The way our brain affects our stability within a certain period proves that our mental health is of utmost importance when undertaking tasks, especially those involving professional setups. It could drive us toward our productivity or moments of procrastination.

Workplace: A Place for Emotional & Mental Challenges

Generally speaking, our workplace is our second home as most days of the week are spent there. We utilize our time doing things that benefit us financially and purposedly, discounting our time of sleep and travel. It just signifies that the majority of our weekly awake schedule characterizes a roller coaster vehicle for emotion and perceptions. The more time we work, the more emotional fluctuations we encounter. And did you know that cleanliness can be one of the indirect dictators of our mental state while on the job?

Focus and stress management are both critical when fulfilling tasks, and the concept of tidying and decluttering can aid in the rising symptoms of these two. While they may look irrelevant to each other superficially, they have a deeper sense when you dive into its idea. According to research by Horrevorts, M.Van Ophem, J., and Terpstra, P. published through Emerald Publishing Ltd., higher perceived employee productivity correlates to higher objective cleanliness. It suggests that cleanliness is not just a chore away from dirt.

Clutters And Employee Performance

Plenty of studies revolving around the impact of an environment on the emotional wellness of an individual create consistent revelations about the chemistry behind it. It is said that a cluttered environment can increase the level of cortisol – a stress hormone that can cause irritability, headache, and other undesirable physiological changes. We, who experience stress from time to time, understand how stress can hinder various life activities.

Working in a messy environment disturbs our minds and keeps us from concentrating. Our ability to perform our best is being compromised since our comfort is at risk. We tend to lose track of time whenever we cannot locate a particular file or item at the office, leading to an unconscious sign of procrastination. Disorganized objects can also cause injuries or serious accidents, which may impose chances of absenteeism. 

Cleanliness As a Key To Productivity

Clean workstations improve creativity as our brains are really into organized things. The level of focus can be heightened because no other units can cause distractions when performing a specific task. Employees won’t consume much time decluttering within working hours when the surrounding is tidied up. Since it can lessen the anxiety within the organization, people can avoid getting sick, boosting performance not only individually but of the entire company as a whole.