It's almost three years since the news of the pandemic hit the world due to the fatal coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Economies, social interactions, and many human activities were frozen by its threats, causing governments worldwide to take precautionary measures against its spread that can quickly severely affect a large portion of the population. THE PANDEMIC [...]

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The way our brain affects our stability within a certain period proves that our mental health is of utmost importance when undertaking tasks, especially those involving professional setups. It could drive us toward our productivity or moments of procrastination. Workplace: A Place for Emotional & Mental Challenges Generally speaking, our workplace is our second home [...]

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Cleaning Green: Eco-Friendly Products for Your Home

Cleaning green is becoming more important to many people, especially those with allergies, sensitive pets, or children. When we were adopted by our Amazon parrot, for instance, we were forced to reevaluate all of our cleaning supplies to ensure that they were ‘bird-friendly’ (birds are extraordinarily sensitive to chemicals, particularly airborne aerosols). The bottom [...]

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9 Cleaners You Can Make Yourself

These mix-it-yourself cleaners use environmentally friendly ingredients — like baking soda and vinegar — and are quite inexpensive. If you've run out of your favorite cleaning solution, don't run to the store; try one of these standbys instead. 1. GLASS CLEANER Great for: Windows and mirrors Ingredients • 2 cups water • 1/2 cup [...]

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